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How to care for Tatjana Andre Handmade Jewellery?


Storage: Store beads jewelry flat in a box or bag. It is necessary in order to avoid deformation. It is preferably to keep the jewelry in a dark place, because coated beads may suffer. You can not press it, twist it up.

Using (as worn): Put on expensive beads jewelry last, after you are dressed up. Do not spray any perfume, makeup, hairspray over the jewelry. Put on and take off the beads jewelry after undoing the padlock. Take special care. Do not drop jewelry.

Cleaning: Clean jewelry only with dry soft cloth without using any cleaners, alcohol, water. But if the beads jewelry accidentaly gets wet (for example, get exposed to rain), do not dry it on the battery, or heater (especially items with leather lining). Lay beads jewelry flat and leave to dry on a dry cloth or towel.

If you have any further questions your jewellery care, contact me.

-Tatjana Andre-



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